Logo, identity and website design for a start-up digital agency in the tech industry

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Logo & Identity Design

Idea Ship was a self initiated project. The aim was to brand a Web-based or Tech start-up that would offer hosting, web development and online marketing services to other start-ups and existing businesses that were transitioning to online marketing and sales.


Website Design 

Build a website that is appealing to the target market with specific lead magnets in place on landing pages in order to generate leads on a regular basis with little to no effort on the business side.


The Goal

Focus on lead generation through their website. Target young creative entrepreneurs and investors and people in transition to making their side-hustle their main income. Offering a package of web development and hosting with a focus on portfolio sites and ecommerce.



Brand Strategy – Determining their current and desired state and developing a brand strategy around these.

Logo and Identity – Logo and identity design package including a short style guide. Stationary, print and social media applications.

Website UI Design – Design a responsive, WordPress based landing page geared at lead generation via newsletter sign-up and/or contact form.

Logo Design Ideas – Brainstorming

The brand must be perceived as strong and bold while being approachable. The bold Sans Serif typeface was used to portray a modern and technologically centered identity. We want users to feel like they are in the presence of a spaceship that can take them places.

Typography & Colorway

We provided a style guide with built in Typographic standards and the color codes used to build the logo and branding so as to create an element of brand consistently and reliability in all marketing streams.

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